I’ve Been Traveling All Year Long…This is What I Learned!

I glued “Some of the Best Vacations” on my vision board knowing that I wanted to travel more in 2019 but who knew it would be to this extent! Paris, London, Mexico, New York, Vegas and MORE! 2019 was FULL of traveling and exploring new…

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Ten Questions to Ask in an Informational Interview!

Informational interviews are one of the best ways to learn more about a particular job and/or industry. However, in order to conduct an effective informational interview, you have to ask the right questions! Here are ten questions to ask in an informational interview that will…

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Four Cover Letter Tips to Get You Hired!

The cover letter is one of the hardest things to write, yet jobs are still requiring you to submit one with almost every application! This blog post will give you four cover letter tips to get you hired! Want an already-done-for-you cover letter?! Click here…

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Real Conversations About Post Grad Life

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Book Your First Trip to Europe in Five Easy Steps

Coming from someone who was afraid to travel outside the country, I know the overwhelming feeling of booking your first trip to Europe! Where do you go? Who do you go with? Where do you stay? It can be a lot to plan! After going…

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How To Find Your First Apartment!

The time has come..I am officially moving out of my parents house! OMG! Three years after undergrad and one year after getting my masters degree and it’s finally happening! Although finding my first apartment was unexpected, I still felt ready to move out because I…

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