Virtual Networking Tips at the Cliquish Content Sugar Conference

Cliquish Content Sugar Conference

Virtual Networking at the Cliquish Content Sugar Conference was extremely easy! The Content Sugar Conference was created to help bloggers and content creators learn, connect, and build their social media following. Throughout the conference, there were multiple opportunities to network in small groups and the private Facebook group made it super easy to stay connected with other attendees even after the conference was over! However, with so many opportunities to network, it can still be hard to put yourself out there. Below are my virtual networking tips at the Cliquish Content Sugar Conference!

Cliquish Content Sugar Conference

Be Active 

The best part about the Content Sugar Conference is that you’re surrounded by content creators just like you. With that in mind, know that you already have a lot in common with the other guests!

Cliquish made it very easy to be active during the networking sessions. After each panel discussion was over, they put us in small virtual conference rooms and gave us a fun prompt to answer. The host, Alee Pierce, encouraged us to be ourselves and even hopped in on the conversations to check in on us.

Three easy ways to be active during virtual networking sessions are to:

  1. Be an active listener so that you can give authentic responses!
  2. Ask questions to get the conversation started!
  3. Find a common interest with at least one other person and ask to exchange contact information!

Connect over Social Media

As bloggers and content creators sometimes social media really is the best way to connect! It’s important that you share your Instagram handle or even LinkedIn information during each session. The Cliquish team knows the power of a social media connection! At the end of each panel, the moderator always asked the panelists for the best way to reach them after the conference.

Pro Tip: Many of the brand agencies and talent managers preferred to be contacted via LinkedIn!

Here are three ways to share contact information during virtual networking sessions:

  1. Put your name and Instagram account as your Zoom name! (Ex: Simone – @TheFabGrad)
  2. If time is running low tell them that you would like to finish the conversation over social media!
  3. Use the Cliquish IG story to find other attendees and DM them straight from Instagram!

Cliquish Content Sugar Conference

Take Breaks

Although networking can be fun, you should definitely take breaks. At my own events like The Fab Grad Vision Board Party, I give my guests downtime to relax and recharge. The Cliquish team was really great about giving attendees breaks as well. All panel sessions were recorded so that you could come back to them later and the private Facebook group was available to answer any questions if you missed anything.

Here are three signs you need a break from virtual networking:

  1. Your energy is low and you don’t want to make conversation.
  2. You aren’t actively listening and you feel like you’re missing information.
  3. You’re starting to get distracted by hunger, your phone, or other things in your environment.


Thank you so much to the Cliquish team for hosting such an amazing conference!



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