I’ve Been Traveling All Year Long…This is What I Learned!

I’ve Been Traveling All Year Long…This is What I Learned!

I glued “Some of the Best Vacations” on my vision board knowing that I wanted to travel more in 2019 but who knew it would be to this extent! Paris, London, Mexico, New York, Vegas and MORE! 2019 was FULL of traveling and exploring new places.

Here are a few things I learned along the way:

Traveling is a Moment, So Enjoy It!

The hustle and bustle of preparing for a trip, arranging all of your accommodations and building your itinerary can make going on vacation feel like actual work; but once you get there, ENJOY IT! This year I learned that it’s more about the experiences and less about the outfits and Instagram photos!

My trips have come and gone but the things I remember the most are the laughs, sightseeing and amazing conversations I had with the people I love!

Don’t Let the Glam of Traveling Make You Go Broke!

Maaaan did I get bit by the travel bug and then I had the nerve to drink the #travelblogger juice! Although some of my best content on Instagram came from traveling, I quickly realized how expensive this travel lifestyle is! This year I spent way too much money on clothes, fancy dinners, and experiences but I learned a lot. I learned to have a travel fund and a savings fund (simple but noted). I also realized that it’s okay to be low-key on vacation. Hitting the local spots can be fabulous too!

Take it from me, traveling around the world is AMAZING but do it at your own pace and within a budget that makes sense for YOU!

Take a Few Hours to Do What YOU Want to Do!

This is so important! Unless you’re on a solo trip, it may be hard to break away for alone time. Learn how to plan a solo trip here. Stay safe but remember to find some alone time on your vacation! I highly suggest bringing a journal or your headphones and finding a spot with a great view!

I’ve done some of my best reflections on vacation and try to make it a priority to do so at some point during my trip (preferably poolside)!

Try Something NEW!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new food, a new activity or a new place, you MUST get out of your comfort zone while traveling! Getting out of your comfort zone during vacation creates some of the best experiences and makes saving your coins worth the trip!

Yelp and Trip Advisor were honestly the best websites I used when looking for new places to eat and explore while traveling!

What are your travel plans for the new year? Let me know in the comments! You can also keep up with my everyday happenings on Instagram @thefabgrad!

Thanks for reading,

The Fab Grad


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