How to Apply to Grad School!

How to Apply to Grad School!

Applying to grad school can make you feel like a high school senior all over again! Whether you just graduated from college or you’ve been out for years, the task of applying to grad school can simply be OVERWHELMING! But no worries, I’m here to help! Follow along as we go step-by-step on how to apply to grad school! 

Step One – Pick Your Program(s)

There are so many programs out there, and they all have their own benefits! Trust me, there’s no shame in applying to one or even six grad programs (although I suggest you apply to at least two). Just be sure you apply to programs that make sense for YOU!

Not sure which programs you should apply to? Consider the following: 

  • Does the program offer financial assistance? (paid internships, grants, loans, etc.)
  • How long is the program and what are your learning options? (in-person, online, cohort style, work at your own pace, etc.) 
  • Do you like the courses offered? 
  • What are the application and program requirements compared to others?

Step Two – Get Organized!

Being organized can be the determining factor on whether or not you get into grad school! Unfortunately, if you miss a requirement, you’re OUT! So don’t let a small oversight in your application preparation prevent you from moving on to the next round in your application process. 


Luckily, I’ve got you covered! Click HERE to download my FREE Grad Application Organization Sheet so that you won’t miss a thing in your application! I provide you with everything you need to keep yourself organized all in one place!

Pro Tip: Identify the commonalities in your application requirements and complete those tasks FIRST! This will help you feel more accomplished, because you’ll get more done for multiple applications AND it ensures that you get the “big” stuff done early!

Step Three – Set Personal Deadlines

To be on top of your grad school applications, you MUST set personal deadlines! Use the Grad Application Organization Sheet and put all of your personal deadlines in the note section. Then, color code the status section of each requirement with red, yellow or green so that you know how you’re doing!

Pro Tip: Always set your personal deadline at least two weeks ahead of the actual application deadline.

Step Four – Review Your Application(s)

ALWAYS review your application! This step is SO important! Even better if you can get someone else to review your application as well. When reviewing your application, you should be looking for TWO main things:

  1. Make sure that all of your application requirements are completed and ready to submit properly.
    • Pro Tip: Many programs require you to send the same documents multiple times (for instance, transcripts). But sometimes they ask you to send them in different ways (official, non-official) AND to different locations or people (via mail or digitally). Read your instructions carefully and put any special notes on the organization sheet!
  2. Make sure that each application feels tailored to the specific program.
    • Pro Tip: While it might be easy to copy and paste things, this can lead to serious errors! Look for any mistakes in school names and always state why that particular program is the right one for you in your personal statement!

Step Five – Submit with Confidence! 

You have officially done the BEST that you can do! Now it’s time to be proud of your hard work and just breathe! While you wait to hear back, take some time to yourself. Hang out with friends, head to the gym and journal about your experience. Stressing over the application only makes the process worse! So unwind (as much as you can) and just relax!


If you want to start preparing for the grad school interview, click HERE to get tips on How to Prepare for an Interview! This blog post will help you with ANY interview – job or grad school!


I’d love to help you with your grad application one-on-one! Feel free to email me at if you would like to go over your application with me step-by-step!


Good luck with your application and I can’t wait to hear all about your ACCEPTANCE! Follow me @thefabgrad to tell me all about your grad app experience!


Thanks for reading,

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