How to Prepare For an Interview!

how to prepare for the interview

You’ve prepared your documents, you’ve submitted your resume and now you’ve got an interview! Congratulations!! You are one step closer to getting the job! Now it’s time to prepare for your interview. Keep reading to learn my tips on how to prepare for an interview!

Review the Job Description! 

The job description is your best friend before a job interview! It will give you insight on questions they might ask you AND it can help you filter your answers to cater to the job!

When preparing for an interview, look for the following when reviewing the job description: 

  1. Tasks/duties that you have direct experience in.
  2. Characteristics they’re looking for in a candidate, that already come natural to you (For example: good verbal and written communication skills).
  3. Potential learning curves or hurdles you may face in the position (i.e learning a software, working in a new department or managing staff).

Pro Tip: If you’re not learning anything new, then it might not be the job for you!

By finding the points above in the job description, you will be able to figure out what experiences you should talk about, what characteristics you should brag about (yes, I said brag!) and potential areas of growth you will gain from this position! 

how to prep for an interview

Research the Company! 

This is super important! You want to go into every interview knowing more about them than they know about you! Thankfully, the internet and hopefully your professional network can help you do this.

When preparing for an interview, look for the following when researching a company:

  1. Gather as much information as you can and put it all on a Word document (Things to look for: mission statement, strategic plan, testimonials, history of company, new programs/campaigns, etc.).
  2. Figure out who you might work with (i.e direct supervisors or potential colleagues). Utilize LinkedIn or your professional network to do this!
  3. Study the company’s social media/press! Did the company just go through a huge scandal? Did your potential boss just win an award? You’ll want to know about these things before walking in!

Pro Tip: Did you know that you can browse LinkedIn profiles anonymously? Click here to learn how!

Having information about the company makes you look well-prepared and excited about the position. It can also help you figure out if this is the right job for you! If you’re utilizing your professional network, make sure you’re talking to people you trust and always stay professional!

how to prep for an interview

Act out Your Answers!

Knowing what to say is one thing; actually saying it out loud is another! Most people get uncomfortable when talking about themselves, especially in an interview. That’s why it’s important to practice answering potential questions out loud!

When thinking about your answers for an interview, consider the following:

  1. Which of your experiences relate to the job the most?(Check the job description to help you connect these two dots!)
  2. Did you solve a problem, highlight a strength of yours or share a valuable lesson you learned in your answer?
  3. If you’re sharing a story, does your story have a clear beginning, middle and end that answers the question?

Pro Tip: You should be able to give your answer in about a minute or two! That’s why it’s important to practice!

Interview Freebie Offer!

Hopefully, the tips above will help you prepare for any upcoming interviews you may have! To help you prepare EVEN MORE, I’ve got a free worksheet just for you! Click here to receive the Ten Most Commonly Asked Interview Questions! 

Use these questions to help you boost your confidence and practice your answers to questions you’ll definitely be asked in the interview!

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