How to Plan A MEcation!

How to Plan A MEcation!

A few months ago, I decided I wanted to go on a “MEcation” to San Diego before I go back to school. I had so much fun planning my trip and exploring San Diego on my own! Going on a MEcation doesn’t have to be boring or costly if you plan it right. Here are my tips on How to Plan A MEcation:

Pick Your Date!

calendar-clipart-Calendar-clipart-home-free-nutrition-and-healthy-food-clipartThis may seem obvious, but it’s important to pick the right date for your MEcation. You don’t want to pick a time where you know fun events are happening with friends or family or when money is too tight to go on vacation. Also, remember that your MEcation doesn’t have to be long! I stayed in San Diego for one night and it felt like the perfect amount of time to relax and explore the city.

  Pick Your Location!

location-iconThe type of MEcation you want to have can affect the location of your trip. The three most important factors when choosing your location are: how much it will cost to get there and possibly stay overnight, your budget, and what exactly you want to do on your MEcation. San Diego, Las Vegas, Palms Springs, Phoenix, San Francisco, or even a local resort and spa are all really great destinations for those that live close to Los Angeles.

MOST IMPORTANT: Create Your Budget!

bank-20clipart-acqr5MjcMHow much money are you willing to spend on a hotel, transportation, food, and entertainment? My biggest tip for creating your MEcation budget is to start with the hotel! This will set the foundation for creating the rest of your budget. When I took my trip to San Diego I went on Expedia to compare how much a one night stay would cost me based on how nice the hotel was. Doing this first helped me decide how long I could stay, how much money I wanted to spend on food and activities, and what was most important to me when it came to hotel quality (like being close to downtown or having a hotel pool).

Make Your Itinerary!

To-do_List-512Even if you just want to go with the flow, you still want to have an idea of what type of MEcation you want to have. It’s normal to be nervous about going on a trip by yourself, especially for leisure, but having an itinerary can really help you feel more secure about being by yourself! List your top three things you want to do on your MEcation (go to the spa, explore, hike, swim, read, shop, etc.) and then research what options your destination has that fit your ideal MEcation. For instance, I knew I wanted to eat, explore, and shop while I was in San Diego, so I made sure my hotel wasn’t far from downtown but was still close to my favorite stores. 

Here are a few pictures from my MEcation! Be sure to add me on Instagram (@TheFabGrad) for more updates on what I’m doing!






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