5 Apps Every Post-Grad Should Have

5 Apps Every Post-Grad Should Have

As a FabGrad I’m always on the go at either work, school, or hanging out with friends and family! Since graduating I’ve been addicted to a few apps that never really interested me before but now I find myself using them all the time. Check out my top five apps every post-grad should have!

zillow-logo1. Zillow

While living at my parents house hasn’t been too bad, I still plan on moving into my own place. I use Zillow to help me navigate the real estate market and to figure out what I can afford. Zillow also keeps me in check when I’m creating my savings plan to find an apartment in the Los Angeles area. There are a ton of real estate apps out there but I personally like Zillow because it shows you a quick snap shot of what the apartment looks like at the bottom of the screen and you can easily navigate all of your search results with just one swipe to the left or right. It’s also nice to check out apartment prices in other cities I wouldn’t mind moving to as a fun way to dream about all the possibilities ahead!

meetup.en_2. Meetup

If you want to enjoy fun activities in your local area while meeting new people then Meetup is definitely an app you should download! A friend told me about Meetup when I first came back to Los Angeles looking to meet more people and expand my network. I’ve downloaded the app and have since then found a TON of fun outings, workshops, and Facebook networks to enjoy with people who have similar interest as me. Meetup is great if you are moving to a new city, have a hobby you would like to enjoy more, or if you just want to meet new people!

audible-e1431799053822-620x1603. Audible

When I’m sitting in LA traffic, sometimes listening to music can get really old. A few months ago, I decided to download Audible and listen to books while I drive. Listening to books is now my new favorite thing, especially listening to books about going after your goals and being confident! Currently I’m listening to Shonda Rhimes book Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person.

LinkedIn4. LinkedIn

Yes, it’s time for you to get your LinkedIn profile up and running! While not every employer uses this professional networking platform, its important that you stay ahead of the game. LinkedIn currently has over 400 million users, and 94 percent of recruiters use it to search, contact, vet and hire candidates. Once you have a solid LinkedIn profile, then go ahead and download the app. There are a ton of job postings on there and people post some really great information on resume building, networking, and professionalism all the time. 

Helpful Tip: Set-up your LinkedIn profile on a computer first then move on to the app. You’ll want to see your profile in full screen before you start making small edits and updates on your phone. So that people won’t get updates while you’re editing your profile, turn your public notifications off until you’re finished perfecting your LinkedIn.  

SE68XiDa5. Starbucks

Now this might be an app you already have if you are an avid Starbucks drinker. However, even if you don’t go to Starbucks often you should download it anyways. Here’s why: working people drink coffee! Most likely there’s a Starbucks near your job or even inside your building. I’ve found it really nice to make a quick coffee run for myself or colleague without having to take my wallet. The app also allows you to send gift cards to other app users! This can be the perfect appreciation gift to send to your boss or new networking partner.

How many of these apps do you already have? Let me know in the comments if you have any other must have apps that you think other post-grads should download. 

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