Book Your First Trip to Europe in Five Easy Steps

Coming from someone who was afraid to travel outside the country, I know the overwhelming feeling of booking your first trip to Europe! Where do you go? Who do you go with? Where do you stay? It can be a lot to plan! After going…

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How To Find Your First Apartment!

The time has come..I am officially moving out of my parents house! OMG! Three years after undergrad and one year after getting my masters degree and it’s finally happening! Although finding my first apartment was unexpected, I still felt ready to move out because I…

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Your Free Resume Template and How to Use It!

After reviewing countless job applications from recent college grads and young professionals, I’ve learned one thing… your resume needs to be on POINT! An employer will skip over your application immediately, if your resume doesn’t look and sound up to par! That’s why I’ve decided…

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Real Conversations About Post Grad Life

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How to Apply to Grad School!

Applying to grad school can make you feel like a high school senior all over again! Whether you just graduated from college or you’ve been out for years, the task of applying to grad school can simply be OVERWHELMING! But no worries, I’m here to…

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How to Prepare For an Interview!

You’ve prepared your documents, you’ve submitted your resume and now you’ve got an interview! Congratulations!! You are one step closer to getting the job! Now it’s time to prepare for your interview. Keep reading to learn my tips on how to prepare for an interview!…

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